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Authentic Ayurveda Hair Oil
by Dr Shanthi Ganga

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About our products

Your body is the best piece of jewellery you can wear. Polish it from time to time. Your body has supported you every single day of your life. And now, it’s time to give something back. At Dr Shanthi Ganga’s, we embrace the subtleness of the human spirit. Through our timeless treatment practices of Ayurveda, we caress every curve of your mind and body, to leave you with pure nirvana. Stay young through the harmony of nature.

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Mind | Body | Spirit

Hello, I'm Dr Shanthi Ganga. Embrace the Ayurveda lifestyle and learn the secrets to healthy living. Simplifying lifestyle is my forte.

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Ayurveda Lifestyle

I am an Ayurveda doctor from the land of Ayurveda, Kerala, and I believe in simplifying lifestyle with the age-old science of Ayurveda through blending it in the modern lifestyle. My never-ending learning in the classical knowledge of Ayurveda formulations and panchakarma has helped my clients to lead healthy life across the globe. I believe in advocating minimal use of medicines and in a holistic approach, changing the way one looks at health. 

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My unique consultation program SWASTHYA is a comprehensive and holistic understanding of an individual.  The first step encompasses understanding the body and diagnosing the problems at the root level.  The technique of Tridosha Constitution i.e Vata, Pitta, Kapha balance of the body which further leads to the assessment of imbalance of Dosha, Dhathu and Mala is used. Apart from the Ayurveda tools of assessment, I recommend necessary lab investigations and explore your everyday habits - food, sleep, exercise, work etc. After a thorough understanding of the patient, necessary changes are advised on the everyday activities and if needed authentic Ayurveda medicines and supplements are also recommended.