This is a unique consultation program. It is equipped to be followed from across the world. The consultation happens over skype / Whatsapp /  messenger/phone or you can come to our clinic for a face to face chat.


We maintain a lifetime relationship with our clients and all your information will be kept strictly confidential.


This program takes you to step by step through your food, exercise and other lifestyle activities including yoga and meditation.

Our programs are designed for everyone – sick, healthy, fit, unfit, obese, lean, you name it. This program helps anyone who plans to live a healthy life. From teens to the thirties, for the midlife crisis of the forties and the fifties and finally for the good old sixties our program suits each and every age group. This is not just a diet or an exercise-oriented program. We break down your daily activity, lifestyle, your attitudes, mental setup and emotional status before we start our program. This is carried out to ensure our program meets all your requirements and help you to build a strong body and mind.


Happy bleeding: plan your daily routine with the help of your feminine hormones for better health and toned body. The signature program is designed by Dr Shanthi Ganga through years of her studies and research involving ladies of different age and backgrounds. a very effective program for weight loss in ladies and also hassle-free menstruation. PCOS and other gynaecology issues are also effectively managed.


Age gracefully: as many ladies of the millennium are struggling to cope with the perimenopausal and menopausal stage due to unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle, they tend to have many health issues including weight gain, osteoporosis, hot flushes and irritability. The program helps you to age gracefully and to live a happy life.


Eat right to lose the extra pounds: The unique weight loss program is designed in such a way that all could be benefited despite the age, gender and other conditions.


The weight gain: this program is for general weakness, debility and anorexia. the hidden factors are found and accordingly sorted with the help of Dr Shanthi Ganga.


The diabetes program: There is a considerable increase in the number of people having type 2 diabetes or the pre-diabetes stage. India is the diabetic capital. a whole change in the lifestyle can help you to keep the glucose level under check.


The pregnancy and the post-delivery program: dear mother to be, we know you are tired of receiving advise from each and everyone around you. please don't fall for the myths, but be scientific during the whole process for the benefit of the baby and yourself. you will receive the trimester wise details and how to deal with your changing body. we know how anxious you will be and hence no time appointments are necessary for you to call us ones the subscription is confirmed.


Nourish your kid the right way: young parents are the most confused group of people around the world. we are here to help you through your journey with your kid. The program is for parents along with their kids of age 1 to 16 years.


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