The Kolkata company FlyMyBiz has announced a gift of 12 holidays as their period leaves starting from January 2019 to its women employees. This has actually reinforced the thought whether a period leave is necessary for women. Of Course getting periods is a monthly turmoil. But are we really that fragile to take a day off work? Some experience bad days with severe cramps, nasty pains and other debilities. Any unbearable abnormalities during the bleeding days or severe PMS should be addressed with the help of medicos instead of taking a regular holiday.

Is it necessary for women to announce that they are having their period and take leave on that day? Why do we have sick leaves then? Menstruation is a natural physiological phenomenon of the body and we don’t have to be embarrassed about it. Also, we don’t have to let everyone know that we are bleeding. Menstruation surely is uncomfortable, but if its is painful then please get it checked. It’s not okay to have painful periods and it is not normal.

I think, what we really need are good and clean washrooms, pad vending machines and pad incinerators. We are extremely capable of handling our periods. It is not a holiday or sympathy we need during these days but a better understanding family, working environment and a taboo-free society. Let's not ask for more holidays but let’s stand together to tear down the unwanted taboos around menstruation. Let’s teach our kids to incinerate the sanitary napkins instead of washing it due to the fear of snake curse. Let’s talk openly to the society about periods, by stressing it as the normal physiological function of the body.

Few tips for happy bleeding:

  • Hydrate well. Not only during the bleeding days but through out. Good hydration makes you healthy in and out and also gives you a glowing skin.

  • Stay active, exercise regularly. At least go for a walk.

  • Yoga and meditation will help to keep your PMS and cramps under check. Balasana, Mandukasana, supta konasana, upavistha konasana, pavanamukthasana, jathara parivartanasana and savasana will help you to relax during the PMS and bleeding days. Also, a few breathing techniques should be mastered.



Upavistha Konasana



  • Don’t skip your meals. Food rich in calcium, iron, omega fatty acids, vitamins, zinc and magnesium will help to ease the condition. In short, always go for the complete food with a variety of ingredients.

  • It will be better if you can stay away from junk foods, carbonated drinks, foods with preservatives and caffeine.

  • Keeping a hot water bag on your tummy makes it more comfortable.

  • Have good sleep. Sleep is a natural rejuvenator. It helps you to be relaxed and refreshed.

  • Hygiene is also important especially during the bleeding days.

  • If you have terrible periods, get advice from a doctor, keep a journal and see how things are getting better.

I wish you a Happy 2019. Let every day be productive. Healthy, happy and empowered women are a great asset to any Nation.

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