Dinacharya: Health for All

It's World Health Day and the theme is universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere, let's take a moment and get to know some Ayurvedic lifestyle interventions for a healthy living.

Ayurveda is not only curative but a lion's share of the science talks about prevention. Preventive Ayurveda is not only about the oil massage or the home remedy tips. It also does not entail the so-called 'healthy diet plans' or a membership in a multi gym or yoga studio. But it is a bigger concept where each and every aspect of your body and mind is addressed along with certain social norms that one can follow for a peaceful living.

Dinacharya or the daily regimen is all about the lifestyle routine one should follow from waking up in the morning to falling asleep at night and it discusses every physiological activity of the body and how to strengthen it giving special care to the sense organs. Hygiene and eating habits are also among the important topics discussed.  Dinacharya is followed by Rathricharya i.e. the night regimen where it talks about the benefits of sleep and sex, Ritucharya or seasonal regimen is another segment for better living.

Over the years of my journey in Ayurveda, I have learned that the above 'charyas' are not only preventive but are the root practices of curing the ailments in a more consistent way. Whichever system of medicine you are following, the lifestyle interventions help you for a speedy recovery. Having a routine where time is effectively used for self-care helps one to be balanced physically and mentally.

Dinacharya is not only based on the circadian cycle but it is a holistic approach where self-care is considered more important. it's not about being youthful all your life but about living gracefully with good health.

My upcoming blogs will give you a detailed and clear picture of each routine and how it could be imbibed for a better style of living.

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