Fake Ayurveda

Before commencing to write this topic, I would like to say that this article is not intended to offend any system of medicine or any individual. Considering many of the recent events around us, it is very painful to learn that we are going through a situation where qualified doctors, especially Ayurveda physicians are unfortunately compared with the unqualified 'QUACKS'. The extent of their knowledge on medicines, body, and treatments are as good as nothing and the result of their ignorance is reflected on one of the oldest medical systems known to man, Ayurveda.  These medical practitioners claim their title by either getting born in a traditional vaidya family where the ancestors had certain idea of herbs and medicines or they read many books on herbs and medicinal plants and assume the title themselves.

Being an Ayurveda doctor myself, I am taking this opportunity to clear the misconception about the science.

It is a common belief that anyone and everyone can be an Ayurveda physician if he/she knows certain herbs and oils. I would like to state it very clearly that Ayurveda is not all about green leaves, tridoshas, prana, Prakriti and oil massage. Ayurveda is a vast science where a lot of importance is given to the study of human anatomy and its physiological function. The science states very clearly that the most important part of the treatment is the DIAGNOSIS. The formal education of Ayurveda starts with the study of anatomy in the most practical way, the dissection of a dead body.

During the earlier centuries also the great acharyas of Ayurveda learned human body before attempting the treatments. The SAREERA STHANA in each classical textbook is about anatomy and the NIDANA STHANA deals with the diagnosis. Then only comes the CHIKITSA STHANA where treatments are prescribed. In addition to these, fundamental principles of Ayurveda are taught which is way more than vata pitta and kapha. Coming to the medicines, the mode of administration of each herb is explained clearly. Not all should be given as raw drugs. Some have to be purified, some to be mixed with some other medicines, some in raw form, others in the form of dried powder or decoction or with the combination of lipids. Each herb/drug in these different forms brings different results to the patient. The quality of interaction between the doctors and the patients is in itself the real goal to good health. The QUACKS without the knowledge of anatomy, physiology, medicine preparations etc claim to cure many terminal illnesses and can change a normal muscular pain into serious ailments.

It is normal for anyone in pain/illnesses to go to any doctor whether quack or traditional vaidya because of the severity of their condition. Instead, wouldn't it be better if they could think rationally and approach a doctor who is qualified to know what is wrong with their body and the extent of the illnesses. There are innumerable online doctors or websites based on Ayurveda that offer consultations and prakruti analysis. All you have to do is answer 10 or 15 questions and they can analyze your prakruthi and prescribe medicines and lifestyle tips for you. Please don't fall for this as prakruthi analysis and diagnosis can only be done correctly by proper interaction with a qualified doctor and it takes more than a form filling procedure.

It is also noteworthy that self-medication can also be treated like quackery as the information you get is from the internet, books or magazines. Remember, these magazines and books are meant to give you the push to visit a doctor and not to treat yourself. Ethnic and indigenous medicines and medical systems have to be preserved and researched on but their authenticity should also be kept under check.

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