Food ideas for the millennials.

Dear busy millennials,

Who are living alone in a different city with a full-time job and no one to cook for them.

This blog is for you and how to rescue your waistline from fat accumulation. For many reasons one tends to eat out more frequently and compromise their health, which is very unfortunate.

I am not planning to give you a diet chart but few food options that are not very complicated to follow.

Vegans, I am sorry this is not for you. Another time maybe.

1. Eggs the lifesavers: eggs are easy to cook and a wonderful quick breakfast option. the true Indian masala omelette, the scrambled egg, rich Spanish omelette, fried and poached eggs and even the hard-boiled eggs with a pinch of salt and pepper make a wonderful breakfast. The nutrient-rich egg gives enough energy for a good headstart and also helps you to keep in shape.

2. Cereals and milk topped with fresh fruits and a few nuts: a rich healthy breakfast is good for a kickstart.


3. Stock some ready made dosa/ idli batter and make steaming tasty dosas and idlis for a tasteful breakfast. The rest can be saved for the dinner. Stuff dosas with potatoes, onions, carrot etc and here comes the lighter version of yummy masala dosa. Grind some mint leaves or coriander leaves with chilli and desiccated coconut for a chutney. Ready-made powdered chutney is available in the market.

4. Cook some rice with your favourite vegetables and add the choice of protein for a complete packed lunch. Rice is pretty easy to cook. 

5. A great option for breakfast/ lunch/dinner is chapatis. I know it's not easy to make chapatis when you are busy. so buy the semi-cooked ones and store. These are much better than the restaurant fast food. An easy-to-pack option is to roll the chapatis with fresh cut vegetables or steamed vegetables. 

6. Cook your dal with some onion and tomatoes. a good side dish for rice and chapatis. 

7. Never forget to stock your kitchen with seasonal fruits and vegetables, whole grain bread/ wheat bread (sandwiches are always a quick fix), dry fruits and nuts, crackers, protein bars etc.

8. A bottle of good pickle ( homemade ) is always a good side dish for rice, chapati, dosa etc and also brings in some good hometown memories.

And yes drink lots of water and move your body for few minutes for a healthy life.

These are a few guidelines which could be followed. Wait for some hassle-free good healthy recipes that could be cooked with ease. Till then take care and have a healthy life.

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