How to eat healthy?

Long working hours make you compromise on your diet, which in turn is a compromise on your health. For a healthy energetic you, a healthy diet is a necessity along with good deep sleep and a few minutes of exercises. 

Quick fixes like fast food, too much of coffee and confectionaries leads to the group of diseases called “the lifestyle diseases” like obesity, type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis, few types of cancer, gastro irritations etc.

This blog is an attempt to put in few diet tips for a healthy you while working hard.

1. First and foremost is to plan ahead your weekly meals. Jot down and make an effort to follow it. Keep the groceries, fruits, and vegetables handy accordingly. This will help you to cut down your last minute fast food intake.

2. It's said, “All happiness lies in a leisurely breakfast”. We know it's impossible for a leisurely breakfast but you should have a Power packed breakfast for an energetic day.  It should be a whole meal rather than bits and pieces, breakfast is the real care for the body and the most important meal of the day.

3. While working long hours it's always better to have a moderate lunch and dinner, pack healthy snacks to munch on in between. Eating something healthy every 3 to 4 hours is better than eating enormously after long hour gap. It makes you healthy and energetic throughout the day.

4. the gut health is really important. don't forget your natural probiotics like buttermilk, yogurt, homemade pickles, cottage cheese etc.

5. Cut down the liquid calories from packed juices and carbonated drinks, alcohol, beverages.Instead, go for fresh fruits and vegetables. Get rid of the packed crisps in your drawers and keep a distance from too much of sauces and preservatives and mayonnaise.

6. Start your day with a glass of water and drink pure water all day long to keep you fresh. That will also help you to cut down your beverage intake. 

Feel the difference and gift the healthy you to the world around.

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