Rejuvenation Time - Karkidaka Month.

1188 karkidaka 1 ( july 17 2018 )

Ayurveda and Karkidaka

Karkidaka is the last month of malayalam calendar. Also known as the Ramayana month, karkidaka masam was considered as the dreaded month by our ancestors. The heavy rains bring floods and devastations which make karkidaka very challenging and is always looked upon with fear. The month not only weakens our body but also burdens the mind with negativity. Statistically the month also happens to have the highest number of deaths.

To increase the immunity and to stabilise the spiritual health, our ancestors followed several customs, which evolved and became a part of our culture.

The epic, Ramayana is recited throughout the month. A practise of keeping water and dasapushpam in the courtyard is followed in many parts of the state. Several social gatherings happen during this month for spiritual talks. All these were done to increase the positiveness of the mind as well as to stabilise spiritual well being.

Infliction of diseases are more during this month due to heavy rains and low immunity of the body. Traditional ayurveda karkidaka chikitsa are done to improve the health and prevent diseases. In order to enhance the immunity karkidaka kanji is made a part of the diet, which is made of various cereals, pulses and herbs. A Practice of drinking water boiled with medicinal plants also prevail.

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