Remembering the departed soul during monsoon.

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“ karkidaka vavu" day is considered to be very auspicious for paying homage to the ancestors. The offering called "bali tharpanam” is done at various temples, river banks and seashores. It is believed this ritualistic homage helps the departed soul to attain liberation ( moksha ). The vaavu day is the amavasya or no moon day.

The hindu culture gives immense importance to the rituals performed after the death. Normally it is done according to certain calculations based on the star of the day of death. But the bali during karkidaka vavu, normally known as vaavu bali is done irrespective of these calculations.

Bali tharpanam in Monsoon

The person performing the vavu bali can consume food made of rice only once on the previous day of the bali, and it is called “orikkal". On the vaavu day the rituals start early in the morning on the river banks under the guidance of a priest or an elder person who knows the rituals well. Before and after the pooja, dip in the water is mandatory. The poojas are performed by wearing a ring made of grass called darbha ( darbha pavithram ). Cooked rice, sesame seed, cheroola ( dasapushpam) etc are offered on a banana leaf to the demised. In some places special preparation of steamed rice called vavu ada is also made. The bali is mostly performed by men, but women can also do it.

This year karkidaka vavu commences on August 11, Saturday.

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