HYDRATION : Drink plenty of water. Don’t wait to get thirsty. Include tender coconut water especially if you are commuting so as to replace the lost electrolytes. Buttermilk, sugarcane juice, lime juice, fruit juices etc are also very helpful in summer. Always use boiled water to stay away from infections. Use vetiver roots (Ramacham) in drinking water. Aloe vera also helps to cool the body. Nannari Sarbath is a very special preparation to keep the body cool. Stay away from beverages, alcohol , carbonated drinks and preserved drinks.

FOOD : always eat light food which are easily digestible. Reduce the use of spice, salt and sour ingredients in food. Deep fried eatables, chicken, red-meat, preserved and canned food etc should be avoided. Eating locally available fruits and vegetables especially those with high water content like cucumber, watermelon etc are good. Powdered puffed rice with sugar helps.

DRESS : wear loose fitting, light coloured cotton clothes.

AYURVEDA TIPS: Abhyangam with oils like Pinda Thailam is good during summer. it helps to increase the immunity of the body. Take shower to cool down. Shadanga Choornam, Drakshadi Churna, Guloochyadi Choornam etc are good for body. Take it only after consulting an ayurveda doctor. Treatments like Takradhara helps to cool down the body heat. Similarly Njavara Theppu/ Njavara Kizhi is also good. Eyes should be given special care. Washing with triphala water, tender coconut water or even rose water cools down the eyes. Light exercise should be practiced. A nap in the afternoon is very much advised in the Greeshma Ritu Carya.

HEAT STROKE: If an individual stops sweating , feels hot to touch, becomes confused or has seizures it could be a heat stroke. It is a medical emergency. Place the person in a cool shady area, loosen the clothes and moist. If conscious, ask him to drink water and at the earliest take him to the nearest medical centre.

HEAT CRAMPS: Loss of body fluids and salt causes cramps. The person with spasm and pain due to heat should be moved to a shade and hydrated.

Care during summer is very important for healthy living. Subscribe for upcoming summer recipes.

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