Almost from Day 1 of my Ayurveda practise, I am having weight loss patients. PCOS, Thyroid Dysfunction, Menopause and related issues, consumption of certain medicines, passive lifestyle and unhealthy eating are some of the factors that contribute to weight gain.

During the initial years of my practise I would recommend all sorts of fad diets, spend time glorifying the benefits on eating oats and changing to new generation oils for a healthy body. But somewhere deep inside I knew I was wrong. When I was working in Bangalore around 7 years back an incident happened which completely changed my approach to weight loss treatment.

A patient, let’s call her Heera, came to me for weight loss. She held a high position in an MNC. Otherwise a healthy woman as per the Lab reports, she was in her late thirties and was having weight gain issues. As usual I started telling her about the so called ‘healthy’ diet. The lady brushed away my talks and asked me if there was any authentic Ayurveda approach for weight loss rather than bluffing about every day changing food conceptions.

There started my Journey of sustainable weight loss. Yes , it’s a journey together with the help of Ayurveda, Yoga, Food, Sleep and above all a calm mind. It is not a week or two process. One has to understand that they did not put on so much weight in a couple of days time and cannot expect to shed it equally faster. The brides who come for those 1 month weight loss plan are always a nightmare.

Most people think cooking is a very unproductive affair and that they could use that time for something better. The availability of plenty of eateries and cafe joints adds to this convenience. But let me stop you there. You are terribly mistaken. Once you realise the importance of nutrients and stop counting calories, your job is half done and you will always stick to home cooked food.

To understand the balanced diet all we have to do is to travel through memory to our school days. We were taught the importance of having carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and fibre in our food. In addition we were also taught to drink a lot of water. In our struggle to balance household chores, work pressures, handling kids and parents, we lost interest in our traditional food and fast food became more convenient. Similarly, stress coupled with long inactive hours resulted in a dormant lifestyle, where even sex has become just a routine.

Wake up. Be determined to be healthy rather than be a size zero. Before concluding let me give you a few points that will help you for a better living.

  • Start cooking your favourites. Relish the taste and eat. Never gulp your food. Digestion starts in your mouth. Eat out, maybe once a week.

  • Enhance the taste of your food with good fat like ghee. Fats are used to enhance the flavour and not to spoil it and make it too oily to eat.

  • Do the exercises that suit you and not what your friend or neighbour does. Breathe more. Relax your body and calm your mind.

  • It will be safe if you stop blindly following the Whatsapp and YouTube diets that helped to lose weight in a person. It maybe good for him/her but not for you.

  • Cut down the use of sugar, refined salt, preserved and packaged food, refined flour etc.

  • Wake up to a glass of warm water and within half an hour of rising up eat something fresh like a banana. Too frequent eating and too long gaps between the food, both are not advisable, keep it regular.

  • Eat 2 hours before sleep.

  • Sleep well. If you have troubled sleep instead of popping a tablet try something else for a stress free mind.

Above are just a few points that could help you for a healthier lifestyle. A doctor can only give you guidelines. It's always your call to follow it religiously or to drop it in 2 days.

Ayurveda treatments like Abhyanga, Udwarthanam, Kizhi, Dhara, Vasti etc helps in the process. Also few herbal medicines that boost your immunity along with burning the excess fats are available. But without a proper consultation of a certified Ayurveda practitioner never buy it over the counter. Improper diet and medicine leads to many health issues including severe hormonal and pain issues. A good diet and exercise should not make you lethargic. But it should give you happiness and stamina that keeps you on the toes throughout the day.

It's never about size zero or to impress others. But it's about you. Lean or obese, your body should be the priority. In Sanskrit body is called KSHETRA which is very divine. Take care of it. Never torture it with those fad extreme diets and exercises.

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