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Why should you listen to me?

Updated: Jul 21, 2018

A short intro about me so that you can understand me better.

Hello !!!

I am Dr. Shanthi Ganga, a qualified Ayurveda medical practitioner ( B.A.M.S - Bachelor of Ayurveda medicine and Surgery) from Kerala. I love to live a healthy, ailment free life with plenty of energy and happiness. This led me to learn more about nutrition, diet, yoga and exercise. 

Here in my blog, I would like to pen down my experience and knowledge about health and related topics and how it could help you to lead a better healthier and happy life with little or no medicines. You can also read about the great science of Ayurveda, different ailments, yoga, and exercise, nutrition along with some healthy recipes, good health tips and yes, I have dedicated a special section for women health.

It has been around a decade since my journey with Ayurveda started. Currently, I am working as the chief physician of Ayu:manthra, Calicut. (

My journey as an Ayurveda doctor has given some wonderful and adventurous moments in my life. The painless smile and love in the eyes of the patients make my days worth enough and inspires me to become a better person.

Let's join together so that we can pursue a healthy life naturally.

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