Why to wake up early? - Explained the Ayurveda way.

“brahme muhurthe uthishte swastho raksharthamayusha:” (ashtanga hridaya sutrasthana chapter 2)

For the protection of longevity, the healthy person should get up from bed during the ‘brahma muhurta’

When I was a young girl my father was very particular about “early to bed and early to rise” regardless of my studying. When I was during my teenage this attitude of his really bothered me. But he never told me anything about ‘brahma muhurta’ or the logic behind getting up early. It is only when i learnt ayurveda, i understood the importance of it.

Brahma muhurta is the time of Brahma or knowledge. It is roughly 90 mins before dawn or to be precise Brahma muhurta is from 96 minutes before dawn to 48 mins until dawn. Simply put, it is the best time for anyone to have their “me time”; the time to imbibe more knowledge, to meditate, do yoga, to plan the day ahead etc.

This period is predominant of vata dosha which is represented by wind and ether. It brings in clarity, lightness and a feeling of subtle energy flow. This time helps to absorb the goodness of vata dosha, which is responsible for all the movements in the body.

The science of ayurveda is so closely related to nature and it advises us to move with the principles of nature. Before sunrise, take this auspicious time to indulge in oneself and ready oneself for the day ahead. Start your activities with the sunrise and finish them off by dusk.

Modern researches talk about the connection of body with nature. The secretion of melatonin and its suspension during the morning hours is just an example.

In Ashtanga Sangraha it is further explained that before getting up from the bed one should get to know whether the stomach has digested all the food and/or if indigestion is present. If indigestion is felt the person is asked to sleep again but only till sunrise. Again, ayurveda talks more about what you digest, rather than what you eat. An early light dinner will be digested well and on waking up the lightness is felt along with a feeling of energy. A silent assessment of the body before waking up is very important.

The ‘ME’ time, is very important in today's busy lifestyle. It's not that you have to get up at 4 AM or 5 AM, but it is good for the body to wake up at least few minutes before sunrise. Spend at least 10 minutes to be thankful to your body which undergoes many tortures due to the present lifestyles. Also meditate for a peaceful day ahead.

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